Prayer= Calmness, Solutions, Humbling, Healing, Peacefulness etc… Prayer Equates Actions Causing Episodes (PEACE). Eye come to you in the most righteous & the most ever expanding universal name of Ma’ja Asiatic “Master Am’al Jerusalem Allah*As Eye At Eye See”. Thus no matter where the Ma’ja is at eye am equipped with the seventh sense which is the most inner, intuitive & insightful mind of understanding. Within the Nation of the Gods & Earths eye am mathematically seen as a “understanding seed” as all yellow seeds (light skinned members) are supposed to be “Yellow Seeds Of Understanding”. Being a part of this God centered culture of The Nation Of Gods & Earths automatically gives me this title to claim due to the likeness of my physical garb and hue, but to rightfully & royally take my place in Allah’s world manifest, eye must perform the daily duties of a yellow seed of understanding to show and prove to myself and the world that eye not only deserve this title, eye have earned this title by the work eye have put in and that eye continue to put in by internalizing within my being every lesson in life eye have been taught & continue to be taught as eye perform my duty of teaching civilization no matter where eye am at or the vehicle in which eye use to teach as eye continue to Build The Builder & Destroy The Deceiver in only a fashion that a yellow seed can! In our universal & mathematical language of Allah’s the duty of the yellow seed is to bring understanding to knowledge and wisdom! The yellow seed must go get the understanding and bring it back to the black & brown seeds which represents the knowledge and the wisdom. The Black seed=Knowledge, The Brown Seed=Wisdom and of course The Yellow Seed=Understanding in this revelation and particular word of God! It is only right of me to share this understanding with you on the reality about praying and the power contained within. Rather it be a mandated law and required religious ritual, or just the tradition of what praying is in general. No matter what theological school of thought he or her may or may not apply in their lives, we can all agree that when we pray we are looking for some form of happiness, relief, guidance, peace, calmness, forgiveness, recognition, protection, answers, suggestions, to say thank you and just for some overall balance (even if it is in the form of our bank accounts) Smile it’s okay:) What we need to realize is that our intent to pray is already drawn up and detected by our will: allow me to explain this simple fact, when we born the determine ideal to pray by thinking it to ourselves or saying it out loud-Let me pray, Eye am about to pray, Let me pray on this, let me pray for you, Eye am about to pray for you etc……. The sincerity of this act that you are about to perform is already preparing your mind to receive this power of suggestion, and this power being suggested upon is the force behind the energy of your thoughts. What eye am saying is when we decide that we are about to pray for something our mind is being prepared to receive such a thought. Meaning that we are clearing our thoughts (for that moment) of everything besides what we are getting ready to focus on & pray about. PRAYER=Problems solved that causes happiness, contentment, pleasure, satisfaction etc……..Prayer Equates Action Causing Episodes (PEACE!) To those of us who pray believing that there is a God, a spirit, or some entity somewhere that hears your prayer with the ability to honor it or not; and to those that do not pray because they do not believe that there is a God, spirit or some formless entity somewhere out there that will not honor your prayer – PLEASE LISTEN ( both believers & non believers) you are truly missing the gist & the gift of the act of which we have identified and labeled as praying. You must take praying out of the clouds and off the top of the mountain. You must taking praying out of the grip, claws & fangs of the churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, revivals & pilgrimages to fully, rightfully and to properly understand it by bringing it right back to yourself in which it started from in the first place. See praying is just a word & title, it is the act in what you are doing & suggesting that has to be honored and lived out so you can have the strength to forgive someone, or you can muster up the courage to ask someone to forgive you. See this is what the act of praying can do when you remove the religious theological chains from it. If we do not remove the act of what we call & identify as praying from the religious & unreligious mind states and put them back in the clouds, on top of the mountains, back in the grips, claws & fangs of the churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, revivals & pilgrimages how will you feel when your prayer is not honored or your power of suggestion garners no response? You are going to be disappointed, dissatisfied and even hurt a little especially when you have been a most humble, loyal, obedient slave and servant to your God. The question that will most likely be raised by you is……What have eye done wrong? Did you not hear me? Did eye not call on you right? Did eye miss a chant? Did eye not close my eyes all the way? Did eye have the T.V. on? Was my phone or computer on? Was the radio on? What is it, why can eye not wet my beak just a taste? Why can eye not be in reception of some kind of pleasure, rewards of satisfaction & protection from the negative ones? You get what eye am saying, the list can go on and on! In closing yes! You did something wrong by not answering your call when you dialed up that prayer. Our prayers will be either answered by us or by some other individuals the we express our desires to (wants & needs in earnest)! When we remove religious & theological chains of what praying is truly about and realizing that it is on you to bring about what you are suggesting , then you can truly answer your prayers by taking the necessary steps in order to answer them. Of course they may not happen over night and this is another reason why we must snatch this act back from religious ciphers because if there is no immediate answer (which there never really is-come on now let us be real). We are taught that we are basically being selfish & praying for the wrong things. Let me tell you something, that phone is still ringing and will remain ringing until you shut it off by either answering it or the power gets turned off and you know what that means (all your lights have been permanently shut off and it will not be nothing but the silence of death)! Allow me to explain as eye attempt to bring closure again with this. If you recall earlier eye said, when we decide that we are about to pray for something our mind is being prepared to receive this thought, meaning that we are clearing our mind of all thoughts so we can focus on sending this message to be received and delivered. When you pray the only person that you are praying to is yourself. So the only person who can receive the message & deliver the answer is you no matter if you do not want to believe this or agree because you have allowed someone to tell you to put somebody else name or title of someone or something in the receiving & delivery department of your mind. It is your mind and no one else’s in all truth, so your prayers must be answered by you. Think about this, you do not let people you know , (or may want to know), that see you walking and talking have that much power over you enough to place their name at the high chair of your mind, giving them the authority to answer your prayers or not, and you may even know that this person you see walking & talking can do big things for you-good productive things. This person may be all the way positive, loving, caring, charitable & righteous, and you may defend this person “tooth & nail” because they cannot do wrong in your eyes. Eye bet my very life that no matter how good or great that person is you will not sit them up on the throne of your mind to answer your prayers. That is preserved for you & only you! There is no prayer that is too much or too little to ask for when you understand the science of prayer & the science behind praying. If you are suffering from a drug addiction, a chemical dependency and have become somewhat powerless or unmanageable so you say, and you have decided that you got to shut the self club down and you are dead serious & sincere but you know you need help so the first thing you do is say “let me go pray & ask for help from this mystery God that you have at the seat of your mental throne”! Why would you think this is mysterious being  would help you of all people? Your ass most definitely was not thinking about this so called being when you had your club open & high beams on. You most definitely did not think to offer any while you were high in your spaceship falling lower! Ultimately what eye am saying in this example is it, it is right to ask for help by praying first. When it comes to praying it is our WILL, REALIZATION & CONTROL that is actively stands out and is put in motion as we go about answering our prayers by finding a solution ourselves or finding one who can bring about a solution for us. Our will, our realization & our control is 3 degrees within the 7 planes of energy. The 4th degree or stage within the 7 planes of energy is our WILL; which is our inner force of energy & the determination which compels our ability to go on & on! The 5th degree or stage within the 7 planes of energy is our REALIZATION; Comprehension of the mind! The 6th degree or stage within the 7 planes of energy is our CONTROL; Self activation & transferring of energy by responses of will through the realization of the mind! This Is How Go About Answering Your Prayers-  Check this out “Our Will” comes into play or is activated when we born the determine ideal to truly seek or search out something (what are we praying for): After the suggestion is made now we are juggling ways to go about doing it, weighing the pros & cons on how to be successful, tossing options back & forth and identifying-verifying & clarifying the task at hand no matter how easy or hard it may be (this is realization), realizing what must be done in order for your prayer to be answered, this is understanding, this is comprehension of the mind! Now the self activation occurs where you are physically going about the work of bringing your prayer into existence by transferring this mental energy into an act thru your response-THIS IS CONTROL-you now have complete and total control to answer your prayers by moving in any direction and taking the necessary steps to answer that call you made, and this even means stepping in the direction of someone that can assist you or provide guidance to your answers! Our prayers can be answered at anytime because they are episodes created by our actions. So prayer is most definitely great once understood that you are, the healer & the rewarder of self and others if properly & logically called upon! Prayer Equates Action Causing Episodes! Adding 0n: We prayed when they-Beat us, We prayed when they-Raped us, We prayed when they-Hung us, We prayed when they-Killed us! Just maybe nothing saved us because we’re praying to the God they gave us.




Dwayne OGNow enter the Cuyahoga County Of Common Pleas, where it is not uncommon at to hear the many cries & pleas of either the over indicted, to the wrongfully & rightfully accused all wanting some form of justice to be displayed due to the illusionary term ALL IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. This is one thing I did know that I thought was a fact from watching T.V. shows, movies & just hearing it randomly. So why was I made to feel as if I was not innocent until proven guilty, because innocent people do not go through this kind of treatment like I was experiencing being processed. ALL this was going through my mind as I was being told to (strip naked, lift my jewel sack, turn around, spread my ass cheeks, squat and cough) which is something I vehemently denied. At 17 I had never came in time with a demand like that (get naked -lift my balls-spread my ass cheeks etc). This is how the innocent get treated? I have never had to deal with nothing like this in the juvenile housing. The most would be strip to your underwear, if that. So I told the guard he lost his mind if he thought I was about to do all that! So after a brief standoff he left to go get his supervisor and some staff. I made my mind up right then & there that no matter how far it may go, I will never bend over & spread my ass cheeks under any circumstances and to this day this personal pledge to myself stands true and has never wavered. Now I did the lifting of the sack & coughing with a squat which is different to me than bending over and spreading them cheeks. All is demoralizing to me but the latter is just too extreme. So like I was saying, the officer took off and came back with a handful of people, and one of them had a white shirt on different from the others so it was obvious that he was calling the shots. He asked me what was the problem? I told him (which he knew already, he was feeling me out). I said something like “this freak ass dude is talking about he want to see my balls & spread my ass etc… this cat is trippin, straight up!” He asked me my name & where did I come from? When I told him he started laughing saying “you are my juvenile, I was told I had one coming from the detention home blah blah”. He then turned to his officer & started making fun at him saying that he could not even get a juvenile to consent to a standard routine search. He actually made the officer go get me a bedroll & clothes, then the supervisor personally walked me to what they considered “THE JUNGLE” at the time because it was nothing but young people no more than 21 or 22 and something extreme was always going down in there when it came to violence. He asked me if I could handle myself (fight) before he gave the signal for us to go into the control station, and of course I said yeah, though I was a tad nervous because this was my so called intro to the big leagues and I was truly on my own in here. He even asked me if I wanted to be isolated for the night before I went in because I must have a lot on my mind being transferred from the detention home, but he would have to eventually put me in the there. I remember giving him a half smile and telling him I was ready. As soon as I go in all eyes were on me, of course by me being the new face, but I also had real long hair that I use to wear in two braids and during that time you just didn’t see dudes with real long hair like that. So of course I got the screw faces, the up & down looks and stares which I returned with all the toughness I had in me at that time. Next thing I know I heard my name called and out of all people one of my best friends was in there that I grew up with, I mean we did everything together since kids even to the point of being hit by a car together with me on the handle bars & he was suppose to be doing the peddling:). The first thing I ask him was why he didn’t answer his phone ( which there wasn’t a lot of brains to that) he was in the county and had been about 2 months before I got locked up. He had been trying to contact me so without saying too much I let him know what was going on. Anyway, he told me to get ready because the rules were anybody get to call out the new dude on the pod to fight. What?! Repeat that again?! He then said, “you know how we get down, if you ain’t with it we can just pick somebody and smash ’em right now”! I am like “are you serious bruh?!”. Then I thought about the staff asking me if I could handle myself. I asked my dude how did he know if someone was going to really call me out? He said because he had been talking about me & there’s a couple of dudes in there that act like they know me or know of me and the stories don’t match the pretty boy look haha :). Next thing you know somebody called my guy over and told him that somebody wanted to take a look at me (fight me), so I felt it when he got called over there so I hopped up saying lets get busy! Where is he?! Everyone was walking to this big room and my dude tilted his head that way saying that we form a cipher (circle) and everybody fights in there. My dude was laughing in my ear because he saw that I was mad & he knew what I was capable of doing, but I was not trying to deal with this stupid ass shit. He was all in my ear snickering & shit like “God don’t catch no case just punish him”, and I’m looking at this dude like “seriously my guy”, you are going to force me to fight you, first of all I do not know you & don’t have a quarrel with you. Needless to say he took his shirt off & here pops out this big ass belly, he was not fat, kind of husky but out of shape- what made him think he could do something to me or with me? I remember it like it was yesterday, he put his hands up & I got in my war stance or war rhythm, I heard someone say “oh Red look like he get busy”, and I am sizing this dude up from the way he is holding his hands up is telling me he is a slugger so I got to make sure I do not get caught with no wild crazy shit which I was not real worried about. But by him being a big boy I knew he was going to try to wrestle. It ain’t no rules in fighting so even if he is a grappler he has nothing coming and by me being mad about this dumb shit I started closing the distance, fading in & out to try to get him to swing so I can pop him (which he did) and I popped him while his arm was still out which got a reaction from everybody. This just pissed me off more because this was uncalled for and I was still messed up about just getting bound over so I told him “you picked the wrong one God”, I came in again, he threw a wild punch and I melted him with a 3 punch combination and he went limp, fell & cracked his head open on the floor (now it’s a medical emergency) yes first day in the county. Now I need to say this, I am not a violent person though I have a violent case. Even though I learned how to protect & defend myself at a very young age growing up in the ghettos of hell, I was taught that a real & true warrior is the one that can control him/herself and who demonstrates discipline that is supreme & maximum victory! I do not even like violence of any kind to be honest and the reason why I brought this up is because this was a part of the process of being CONDEMNED! The questions that came to mind were, do I have to deal with this all the time? Do I got to worry about people trying to hurt me because they feel as if they can? I got a great sense of humor, I love to laugh, I love to smile and now I got to sacrifice my little humor I can muster being in this situation because strangers will most likely have a problem with it and may want to harm me? I got to become basically other than myself, I got to look at everyone as a potential threat, I got to question everyone’s word, I got to do everything in my power & everything within the flesh of my being to become a mind reader to see who is coming in the name of friend or foe pretty much. Well there was no way that I could read minds so needless to say I was not successful in those many attempts. So I put a mask on and slowly started to dim that bright light inside of me down, leading to the darkness of the condemned. That is truly what the darkness represented (an abyss for the condemned). This is what I thought that I had to do after witnessing so many things that were morally & spiritually corrupt just from being in the county jail. Follow me on this please?! Imagine or picture everything good or great about you, everything positive and productive about your character or personality being put in a abandoned house not fit for living & boarded up, nailed shut etc. If some of you that are reading this have the unpleasant opportunity to come across an abandoned, boarded up condemned house or even a apartment building. Take the time and stand in front of it or sit in your car looking at it. Look at it picturing everything that is good in you as a human being is in there not by force- you put it there! You put it there because you felt that this was the only way you could function & survive in the world you have been thrown in- just try and picture that for a moment! Now you can visit it daily & you can even force your way in when you fell the need to grasp some of that goodness & light, but it comes with a caveat (beware) because if you stay too long or get too comfortable it may cost you dearly due to your environment of hate, violence, anger, pain, misery, jealousy, craziness and chaos on a massive scale. You had people trying to get cool with you to learn about your case so that they can cut a deal. Yes! That is not just T.V., I have witnessed it! You talk about a snake pit- just reflecting on all of this within this word has me shaking my head about some of the things I’ve witnessed & participated in. I truly thought I had to take on a façade to survive & I did survive on face value, however the cost of participating in helping the system condemn me was something I did not see. Now after borning the determined ideal of how I was going to carry myself in this county jail, it is time to deal with “THE BLOOD THIRSTY ARENA” which represents the power source or a vital dimension of condemnation, THE COURTROOM! Which I like to call “THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY”, the perfect title & description of the courtroom setting and the mechanics of it. It is mystery because people do not know how weak boned & corruptly wicked to its core the body of the court is. You step in a courtroom seeing how clean it is with the naked eye, but if you look at it with the eyesight of your mind you can see the bloodstains, the symbolic bloodstains on the wall, the floor, even on the prosecutors clothes and the judge’s robe of the guilty & the innocent that was considered guilty- it is there! You can step in a courtroom smelling freshness that is really covering up the foul stench of unfairness that is actually the true ambiance secreting from its pores. OH YES IT IS THERE!!!



Imagine being a juvenile sentenced into the adult prison system. The only word that could come close to describing what I was feeling is LOST, but even that was too vague of a word and nowhere near what I was experiencing or going through.

Seriously think about this, just imagine being told that you were going to get the death penalty for a crime that you could not understand at the time. With no proper guidance or direction, without a friend or foe. My parents were not able to come for one reason or another. I had 2 appointed public defenders at 2 different times that I only saw about 3xs altogether, yes I said 3xs. I can tell you right now that I did not hear, speak, see nor understand the law or the language of it. I recall going through the bind over process as a juvenile to see if I was mentally adequate to face being tried as an adult. I remember seeing my 1st public defender twice, once when he introduced himself and the second and last time is when he came and told me he would not be representing me or seeing me through the process and wishing me good luck. When this public defender 1st came to see me he never asked me about the crime, he only asked about my background. I did think it was weird asking me everything outside of what he was supposed to so of course I clammed up. If he really wanted to know everything from start to finish I would have revealed it because he represented power and someone important to me, on top of that I was petrified but he didn’t seem interested in wanting to know about the crime. My 1st hearing he did not show up and it got rescheduled, this happened a couple times. I remember one time he had told the court he was running late but the judge wanted to talk to me anyway and proceed with the hearing if I was cool with it, which I was. The judge asked me if I had spoken with my attorney and I told him that I had not talked to or seen him since the 1st time we met. I remember the judge being kind of bewildered by that and he kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to proceed. Keep in mind I was pretty much going to hearings and evaluations by myself so I thought nothing of it and proceeded. The judge then started asking me if I understood what I was locked up for and the severity of it and if I knew I could get the death penalty if tried and convicted as an adult. That was the 1st time that I heard that and I remember being so shook to my core to the point I couldn’t hear anything else after that. The next next time I saw my public defender he told me he would no longer be representing me and good luck.

A couple of days before I was to have the bind over hearing I was called to an attorney visit. This is where the 2nd public defender comes in. It was a woman telling me that she is from the public defenders office and she wished she would have linked up with me sooner but she was really busy. She did not know that I didn’t have my hearing yet and this is when it dawned on me that they were going to bind me over to be tried as an adult. I knew nothing about the bind over process and this lady really didn’t know anything either because she kept asking me questions about it and when she found out I hadn’t been to the hearing yet she literally had the nerve to ask me if she needed to be present at the hearing which is something I did not know, however one would think you would want to be present with your juvenile client in any type of hearing period. I am totally convinced now that since I could not provide my own legal representation those attorney’s were appointed to me just so it could be said that I was provided legal representation. I never saw her again after that day. I went into the bind over hearing blind as a bat and could not even see a clear picture in my mind to understand anything being said to me. When I tell you I basically went through the entire juvenile process alone, that is an actual fact, I was by myself.

So with the combination of not having a clue about the law or what was going on, no family support, improper representation as well as being scared shitless, I was a sitting duck. And that was only the beginning because I was really thrown to the legal wolves and their double tongue jargon that they were juggling around in my head. I now had to enter into the adult prison system to deal with their court proceedings.


The Fall Of Ignorance

The Fall Of Ignorance a book by Dwayne Hudson

The Fall Of Ignorance consists of individual chapters written and recorded at different times in the authors life. Easy to read and also easy to follow the author takes the reader on a journey of self analysis based on some interesting topics. Barely covering 100 pages this book can be a real eye opener if one allows it to be and you can also hold study groups due to the powerful content revealed. If you want to be challenged, if you have room in your life to change and grow as an individual then The Fall Of Ignorance may be the book for you. If you are not satisfied with looking or scratching the surface and would like to see what lies beneath then get a copy of this book and read it, there is a strong chance that you may never look at yourself or your peers the same again. This book promotes self identification, self awareness and supreme understanding through reflection. A must have!



One thing eye always knew about myself or thought eye knew about myself is that eye had a way with words, however when eye started writing and letting some of my guys check it out eye said to myself just maybe eye got something here. What eye did know was that my guys would most likely give me the 2 thumbs up even if my stuff was garbage because they did not want to discourage me. No doubt a gesture like that is appreciated but the reality is if eye was serious about my writing then eye would have to get my word out to those who are not familiar with me in order for me to have that intimate writers confidence that eye would assume all writers possess. Eye was working on my first book which eye spoke on a previous blog about ‘WHY EYE STARTED WRITING’, and one of my guys who was facilitating a program for our case manager at the time had the first 2 chapters of it. One afternoon eye was leaving the block and while eye was walking down the hallway eye started seeing all these quotes and things that eye was speaking on in these chapters of this book. The prison that eye was in at the time everything was inside, it was just one big hallway and all the dorms was on either side. So as eye was walking down this hallway eye saw all these banners with all this stuff that eye was saying in these chapters and eye was like WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THIS! So eye made my way back to the dorm looking for my guy to see what was going on and when eye caught up with him eye explained what eye just saw going down the hallway. His reaction was like ‘GET OUT OF HERE?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!’, he then told that he had left the chapters with the case manager by him helping her facilitate a program they were left in her office but by no means did he give her the green light to do anything with it and that they did not even have a conversation about it. Eye asked him did he still have the chapters, he did and returned them. The next thing we did was go straight to see the case manager because eye wanted it taken down immediately and we wanted to know what made her do it. We went to her office and my guy explained to her that was my personal writings from a book eye have under construction and why did she do what she did. To make a long story short she though he left it for her to check out so after reading it she was impressed and took it to another staff member after copying it and they went wild posting some sayings and quotes up and down the hallways in front of each dorm etc…….. She asked me did eye really write it and started saying that it was like college literature and material and wanted to know what my educational background was etc….. Eye was like HOLD UP LADY! You are going overboard with all that, eye told her thank you however, eye do not think it is that deep and eye would really appreciate it if you could take it down and asked if her or her co-worker have anymore copies and if so could they please get rid of them or at least not hang anything up without consulting me at the very least. She agreed and that was that. Eye actually thought she was doing extremely too much and at the time eye was still unsure if eye could really pull this writing thing off especially with my reality of not seeing any talents that have paid off, eye knew eye had a little something but my confidence was not where it is now. Awhile after that eye had a community page set up on Facebook where eye would put chapters up for people to discuss and give me feedback if they chose to and eye was contacted by someone who sent me the laws on plagiarism. YES! This person sent me the penalties and definition with a message that eye cannot recall word for word but it was basically saying that just because eye am imprisoned that doesn’t give me the right to take other’s work and pass it off as mine and while eye am locked up eye should be working on not stealing etc….. Now anyone that truly knows me would tell you without a shadow of a doubt that eye would let this person have it in the worst way, however instead of getting mad or insulted that message was what eye needed to see because whatever doubt eye had about my writing it evaporated that very moment. Eye did not get mad nor was eye insulted, eye did not respond to the message but eye should have actually told the lady THANK YOU! And since eye didn’t do it then eye am going to do it now……..SO WHOEVER AND WHEREVER YOU ARE PLAGIARIZE LADY EYE WANT TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SHALLOWNESS, YOUR IGNORANCE AND YOUR BIAS FOR ASSUMING THAT A MIND IN THIS COLD CAVE LIKE MINE COULD NOT PRODUCE SUCH THOUGHT PROVOKING WORDS WITH A MESSAGE SO STRONG THAT IT WOULD REACH YOU AND AFFECT YOUR CORE TO THE DEGREE WHERE YOU HAD TO PERSONALLY TAKE TIME OUT TO SEND ME A CAVEAT, BECAUSE IN YOUR LIMITED, BIASED AND PREJUDICE MIND A PERSON IN MY PRESENT STATE OF IMPRISIONMENT COULDN’T TEACH YOU. WE BOTH KNOW WHOEVER YOU ARE YOU LEARNED SOMETHING AND WAS IMPACTED BY WHAT EYE WROTE AND THAT WAS WHY YOU WARNED ME, SO LET ME WARN YOU FOR FUTURE REFERENCE “YOUR IGNORANCE WILL LEAD TO THE PAIN THAT WILL BECOME THE SHELL THAT WILL ENCLOSE YOUR UNDERSTANDING, AND WHEN YOU MISS THE UNDERSTANDING YOU MISS THE BEST PART AND WHEN YOU MISS THE BEST PART YOU MISS THE ABILITY TO GROW”! And this is how eye knew eye had something with my writings and haven’t looked back since.


Many years ago around the early 2000’s one of my guys would always ask me to start writing things down that eye would say because at the time according to him eye always dropped jewels ( which only means that eye said something that strongly provoked the thought that would lead one towards a righteous act or a just cause)! Or at the least get one to lean towards such a thought. My guy also revealed to me that he would ask me specific questions to see what eye would say so he could take my answer or better yet my understanding to work with him where he and his coworkers would build on what eye said. Eye thought he was joking because that was just bonkers to me, eye did not see anything special about how eye relate to things even though eye have been told that it is unique, to me it’s just how eye kick it. Fast forward to the mid 2000’s eye am enrolled at Wilmington College while at Lebanon Correctional Institution. One day in the computer lab eye started reflecting on The Supreme Mathematics which are 10 principles that us active minds in The Nation Of The Gods & Earth utilize and apply as guides, tools & keys in our daily routine. Now before eye continue let me briefly tell you about The Nation Of Gods & Earths and these mathematics eye was reflecting on because if it was not for certain events during that time eye do not believe that eye would be writing (even though one cannot predict the future, eye just feel like that).

The Nation Of Gods & Earths is a nation or community of Men & Women who is for the upliftment and proper treatment of all the human families of the planet Earth. Some may know us as 5 percenters , however the correct title is The Nation Of Gods & Earths. We are teachers of truth and seekers of knowledge. There are no leaders in this Nation, every mind is rightfully a leader themselves and is responsible for the reality that they live out. Please keep in mind that this is just a short script so if you would like to know more about The Nations Of God & Earths you can send us an email at or you can look The Nation up on Facebook or the internet for more information, however it would be wise to visit one of the many street academy’s that is around and interact, observe and ask questions if you dare. Eye say all this because even though we are (One Nation) everybody has their own understanding and reality to live out as God or Earth. Now The Supreme Mathematics are 10 principles that corresponds to the nine basic units (1 thru 9) and the zero in our number system. They are as follows:  (1) KNOWLEDGE  (2) WISDOM  (3) UNDERSTANDING  (4) CULTURE OR FREEDOM  (5) POWER  (6) EQUALITY  (7) GOD  (8) BUILD OR DESTROY  (9) BORN  (0)  CIPHER. Using these mathematical principles of Knowledge Thru Cipher helps the user navigate thru the many personality’s, obstacles and stumbling blocks that we come across daily. Like eye was saying eye was in Lebanon Correctional Institution and while eye was there eye was considered what one would call The Best Knower when it comes to The Nation and responsible for correcting anything that needed correcting when it comes to nation affairs. This consisted of making sure anyone that came in our name were right & exact with their info and The Nation’s history etc. Anyone coming to that prison at that time or any prison eye am in saying they are a 5 percenter, has knowledge of self, or is in The Nations Of Gods & Earths was and will be directed to me.

What led me to writing was because almost everyone that eye came across that had The Supreme Mathematics had the exact same breakdown or definition to each principle which is something that should not be happening. See it is up to each individual in accords with their personal lives & relations. This cannot be done if everyone is running around quoting the same stuff sounding like parrots. The Supreme Mathematics is also known as The Living Mathematics because once you apply them you bring them to life and make them live through you. So there I was in the computer lab with all this on my mind so eye started typing out the first mathematical principle which is KNOWLEDGE and my definition and breakdown of the word KNOWLEDGE as eye understood it. For example according to the dictionary knowledge is an accumulation of facts and that is not right & exact to me. See KNOWLEDGE is identification; it is to know, and one thing we all know is that we can come into the knowledge of truth or the knowledge of a lie, because people will introduce you to the truth just as well as a lie in no limit of time this is why eye call KNOWLEDGE identification. Even though trying to count The Nations Of The Gods & Earths to trying to count the stars above us, eye am confident you will not come across a God or Earth that will draw the word KNOWLEDGE up, break it down and build on it like me in my own words. This is the story behind what led me to start writing. Typing out that first principle that night in the computer lab actually turned into the first book eye completes but haven’t published yet , it is called MY BOOKS OF LIVING MATHEMATICS with the subtitle ‘WHAT HAVE LIVING A MATHEMATICAL WAY OF LIFE DONE FOR ME’!  Eye will get around to publishing it sooner than later. Eye appreciate you taking the time to read these words. RESPECTFULLY.


The Reason why eye use EYE instead of the alphabetical character I is because as eye understand it our 2 physical eyes are but doorways to the mind which is the SUPREME EYESIGHT. Allow me to explain. As eye understand it in biology, preferably optics, the reason why we see right side up instead of upside down is due to the fact of light bouncing or reflecting off of solid matter and it is our mind that processes this light. So in short and to keep it simple eye do not see with my 2 physical eyes, EYE SEE AND PROCESS THINGS WITH MY MIND AND THE SUPREME SIGHT IS THE SIGHT OF UNDERSTANDING. So this is not a slick way for me to utilize and play word games; this is how eye identify myself when writing and eye will continue as such and eye hope those with physical eyes to see and most of all the mental ability to understand will not be thrown off by my use of the word E.Y.E when eye identify myself in my recorded words of life. Thank you and may all your facts be actual and your thoughts mathematical. PEACE!!